I want to share with you my journey so far, which has been a mixed one. 

Many may read this and feel sympathy and various other emotions for me,

I don't want that at all, but thank you. 


What I want, is for every reader to take from this a sense of hope, that despite what life throws at you, don't give up, remain positive and fight with determination for the outcome that you want.  

Age 11-17, years old bullied

Age 15, I was raped

2000,  Car accident

1999 - 2003, Abusive relationship both physical and mentally

2005,  Spinal shift and collapse crutches and spine brace

2005 - 2006, 25 meds a day

2006, Took control and studied nutrition with aim to reduce pain

2009, Anorexic

2010 - 2011, Recovery from Eating Disorder

2014, Diagnosed with breast cancer

2015, Post Op, using fitness and nutrition for pain relief and recovery

2015, Given all clear from beating cancer

2016, Best friend died of secondary cancers, after initial diagnosis of breast cancer

2018, First female PDRL player in UK Europe and Northern Hemisphere

2019, Launched the RCM Wellness Centre in Ossett